Tuesday, 25 August 2015

An afternoon by the Sea

As we never made it to the seaside on Saturday due to everything going wrong (see previous post on this) I woke up on Sunday morning to find J had made sandwiches for our second attempt at going to Blackpool.

Master D had a swimming lesson from 9.30-10am so after getting home, we packed the sandwiches, snacks, juices, towels and spare clothes in a bag. We put both seat units in the boot for the pram and made sure we had rain coats and sun cream. Once we were packed, off we went.

We arrived at our friends campsite around lunchtime. We emptied the car, had a little bite to eat before heading out to catch the bus to the seaside!

Once there, we found a nice spot that wasn't too busy, and set up camp.

The boys stripped off leaving just there shorts on and went splashing in the sea. Thankfully the tide was still out so we had time for a good play in the water.

 Miss DL even had her first feel of water running over her toes. She wasn't phased in the slightest at the chilly temperature!

After lots of splashing, rolling and jumping in the sea, we made a few sandcastles, buried a few little boys knee high in the sand, and then made our way back to base camp at which point Miss DL was completely wiped by the sea air and decided it was time for a nap. By this time, the tide was starting to come in and it was getting a bit cooler too.
I saw an amazing tip online about talcum powder and sand. Basically if you sprinkle the talc over you where the sand is, and rub the area, it gets rid of the sand. Its that easy - or so they claimed. I took the powder with us to try it out and its the best thing ever for getting sand off your feet. No more trying to find water to get the sand off, to then have to dry your feet and have nowhere to put your now-dry foot whilst you get your sock and shoe on! Its an amazing discovery! Master D also loved sprinkling the talc everywhere too!

Once dry and in clean, fresh clothes, we had a bit more of our picnic, sitting and taking in the scenery, whilst taking a few pictures for the memory book. I cant resist taking photos of everything we do, to look back on when the children are older.
Master D making sure his sarnie was in the picture too!

Myself and J enjoying the views.

I'm not sure what happened from then on in. The wind came from nowhere, blowing dry sand into the back of our legs, making it a hard task to push the pram around corners, and the heavens opened. We made our way into the nearest arcades and waited for the rain to stop.
We had a good play on the teddy machines trying to win a minion each for the boys and a baby meerkat in pj's for Miss DL - we won none - and we lost a fare few 2ps on the slot machines. By the time the rain had stopped, we were all getting a bit hungry, and everyone knows you have to have fish and chips when you're at the seaside. We found a lovely little cafĂ© and ordered our tea. Why is it that not only does the sea air make you really tired, but it makes you super hungry too? Everyone devoured their tea, and J treated us to some freshly made sugar donuts afterwards. Delicious.
We got some candyfloss and a HUGE lolly for on the way home and made our way back to the campsite on the bus.
Everyone had had such a wonderful time, there was so much laughter and joy. Seeing my children happy and playing without a care in the world is something I will never get tired of seeing. The children were that worn out, that 30 seconds into the journey home they were all fast asleep, and stayed that way until we parked up at home.

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