Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ewan The Dream Sheep.

I did a review of sorts for this product when Master L was a few months old. It was a life saver and we still use it to this day - ok its not the same one; we had to replace his - but it is still a firm favourite in this household. I thought I would put it up here for you all to read :)

May 2013
Master L has been sleeping in our bed since being diagnosed with Colic, and whilst I loved the cuddles and easy access to feeding during the night, it was something I wanted to discourage. I wanted him to sleep in his own bed and get used to it for when the time came to move him into him and Master D's bedroom.

We got the from birth travel cot back from Nanas last weekend (left there from when Master D slept over before he outgrew it) and put it up at the end of our bed ready for that night. It didn't take us long to realise, though, that Master L was not for one minute, going to give his new sleeping quarters the time of day. He kicked off big style. That first night when we put him to bed, it took us 2 hours of running up and down the stairs, lots of shushing, picking up and rocking, and returning his dummy before he settled. For 20 minutes he slept before waking up for round two, so I brought him down and he fell asleep with Daddy, on the couch, for an hour.

In the end I gave up and he slept with me that night. I tried again Sunday night, and Monday night but the same thing happened, he screamed, I gave in and he slept in our bed. That was until a friend told me about Ewan the dream sheep. I knew a few girls had bought this sheep for their little ones but I wasn't really sure what it did, where to get it or how effective it was. I asked around, it seemed to play white noise and a lullaby and was , in their words "magic".

I must admit, I was a bit sceptical. How can a sheep that plays music be that good? Surely its just like any other lullaby playing baby item? But the more I asked, the more I was sold on this singing sheep. The more I heard it was successful, the more I wanted it. I had to try it. If it had such success with my friends babies, its got to have some kind of success with mine. But then Master L is particularly "high maintenance" and I wasn't sure anything would work too well.

I had a look online, and found my local Mothercare and Boots stored sold Ewan. It was decided, after picking Master D up from the Child-minder's, we would go on the hunt for Ewan the sheep. Mothercare, it turned out, didn't sell them in store, only online and if was to try him out I wanted to try him out that night. So off we went to Boots.

Thankfully, we found him in Boots. We snapped him up and got him home ready for bedtime. Master L was washed, fed and in his baby grow and I put him down with Ewan in his cot. I'm not going to say he instantly went off to sleep, end of story. We did have a bit of crying,  I did have to pick him up and settle him a few times. But it took, what,  20 minutes before he was asleep. I was shocked. Truly shocked, but also wondering if this was too much of a good thing.  Too easy. Will this happen every night?  I couldn't see it personally.

But I was wrong. The second night with Ewan, I put L down, turned on the womb sound (he seems to like this one best) and went downstairs. I had to go up three times, once to return his dummy, the second to give medicine for a slight temperature (from his needles given that day), and the third to turn Ewan back on. And that's it he was asleep.

And that, my fiends, is how our nights are now. He goes up to bed around 7.30 after Master D is asleep and we switch Ewan on, pop dummy in and leave him to go to sleep.
I am know a fan of Ewan the dream sheep. I take him out with us, he takes naps with Master L, and never fails to get him back off to sleep after his 3am feed.

Ewan really is magic!

We used Ewan until Master L was around 2 years old, every day for naps and every evening at bedtime. It was put on so many times and the batteries changed over and over, but unfortunately, with that amount of use it had, it couldn't last forever. Around this time I found I was expecting Master D and Master L's baby sister. I entered a competition on a Facebook page to win a Ewan the Dream Sheep and, surprisingly (I never win anything) we won!! As Master L had stopped using the sounds within the sheep a short while before me entering the competition (he used to use it as a teddy!) I decided to keep the new one for our new baby.
Miss DL uses Ewan too, Master L still has cuddles from time to time and Miss DL uses Ewan when she is particularly struggling to drop off to sleep. He is a definite winner in our household. We LOVE Ewan!

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