Sunday, 16 August 2015

Double-Decker Pram!

I Love, Love, Love my pram.

This is us, and how I normally transport my 3 childlings:

When I first found out we were expecting bambino number 3, I knew we would need a double. By the time he/she was due, my then youngest would only be just turned two. We had no car at the time & walked or used public transport to get everywhere.

I began searching the internet for a suitable contender and came up with quite a few options, but it was only really between the Bugaboo Donkey or the Baby Jogger City Select. I loved the fact they could both be singles and doubles at the flick of a switch, but in the end the Baby Jogger won. The HUGE basket was a must - shopping trips and school runs, I always end up with bags and bags of stuff. But the thing that had me hook, line and sinker, was the so many different ways you could have the seat arrangement! I just could not wait to get the pram in my house to try out!!

And then it arrived.

I couldn't wait to start putting it together, but I knew J (my other half, fianc√©, partner etc.) would want to play too, so I reluctantly had a little peek but left everything in the boxes for when he got home.

We put it together, and I remember having all of the seats - car seat, Master L's seat and the bassinet all out so I could try each and every combination. I was in heaven. Here are two of the combination's we tried:

I also tried it with the car seat on top and Master L's seat "underneath" but facing out. I liked this way too, but was a bit heavier to lift due to all the weight being on the front.

This is the first pram I have ever bought new. The first one that arrived in my house in a box, that needed putting together, with shiny wheels and crisp material on the seats. Its such a lovely pram to push, even as a double. We do sometimes use it as a single if Master L is tired and I can wear Miss DL in my baby carrier. Its such a versatile pram & I cannot recommend it enough. And what makes it even better is both children love it too, they both look so comfortable in it, which makes me feel I made the right choice! And no one can dislike being complimented on their wheels when out and about either ;-)


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