Saturday, 22 August 2015

When planning a day out goes t*ts up.

Myself and J had planned to take the kids on a trip to Blackpool for the day. A few of J's friends had just travelled there for a holiday, so we thought we would take the opportunity to have a day out & meet up with them so our kiddies could play.

Only it didn't quite work out like that. What was supposed to be a lovely day by the seaside, making sandcastles and eating a picnic we had packed, then racing to the arcades to drop 2p after 2p into the slots so you could win more 2ps to drop into the slots, was quite the opposite.

We had planned to leave about 11am, getting there just in time for lunch. We had looked at the forecasted weather for the day and we had hoped it would be wrong - like it so often is - and instead of torrential rain and thunderstorms that was planned for the day, we kept our fingers crossed so it would at least be dry. We were wrong. A quick phone call to our friends and we realised it was hail stoning and raining 'cats and dogs'.

Disaster. The kids were so excited. Did we go with our coats and wellies, get wet and potentially cold, or stay home? Whilst deciding what best to do over a late breakfast (I had been out early to collect a jumperoo for Miss DL), Master L took it upon himself to have the mother of all tantrums. Complete meltdown, panic stations, please exit at your nearest emergency exit.. that kind of tantrum. He was tired.

It was now nearly 11am, 3 people still weren't showered or dressed and one of them needed a major nap. Just as J and Master D came down the stairs, after finally showering and dressing themselves appropriately for the weather (Master D would wear shorts, no matter what the weather, if he could get away with it) Master L decided that would be the right time for his nap. Yep, right there on the floor, snoring.

So we weren't going anywhere for at least an hour. Instead, I spent my morning washing the pots piled up from the night before, sorting out dirty washing, folding clean, dry clothes from the drier and putting the wet stuff on the line. Surprisingly the sun was beginning to shine through the gaps in the clouds and it was looking like a nice day. Master D decided he would take the opportunity to play in the garden whilst his brother was sleeping, which meant one thing: Poop Duty. Something me and J fight over. I hate picking up cold dog poop off the grass, but I lost this round of rock, paper, scissors. Damn.

By the time Master L woke from his nap, Master D was in the middle of a game with his dad, and Miss DL was due a feed. And Master L still needed to get dressed. I wont mention that it was still raining at the seaside either.

We gave up the hope of ever getting to Blackpool, instead, Master L stayed naked for rest of the afternoon, whilst I escaped to Asda to do the food shop. I got back to find all 3 children playing - Miss DL in her new jumperoo and the boys surrounding her, playing with it too!

Sometimes, you plan days out and everything seems to get in your way stopping you from doing it. And then there are the days when you plan nothing, take an impromptu ride out in the car and you are blessed with the best weather, no traffic, and well behaved kids.

Maybe next time?


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