Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ickle Bubba Orb Highchair

As Miss DL is 4 months now, weaning will begin in the next few months. We tend to do Baby Led Weaning (BLW for short) and I have done that with both boys so far. Its fun, very messy, but great fun.

This would mean we would need a highchair. This time I was going to go for an IKEA Antilop highchair with a lovely little supporting cushion. This is the best highchair when doing BLW, as trust me when I say food goes everywhere.

But then I saw the Ickle Bubba Orb highchair for sale at Costco for around £80. It came in two choices for the frame colour - white or black, and an array of colours for the seat - navy, lime, pink, plum, yellow and more. We chose the white frame and the plum seat colour. I was very excited to get this delivered.

It arrived today, and came in this HUGE box. Inside the box was two more boxes. My boys were having a ball playing with all the packaging!

After getting everything out of the boxes and bubble wrap, we set out the parts and opened the instructions. It was fairly simple to put together. First up, you get the base which is flat and you pull the middle bar up and towards you until it clicks into place.

You then need to assemble the seat unit and tray. This is very straightforward. There is a set of "bars" with the footrest attached, which slide through to holes on either side of the tray. There are two buttons that you lift so the bars slide through and then lock into place.

This then slides and clicks into place on the seat unit. Like below.

The seat unit itself comes ready with the plum liner and the harness attached, you just need to attach the tray, and once that is done, you simply lift the seat onto the base unit until you hear the click.
The highchair itself is a great design, it comes in lovely colours and although it is foldable for storing, it isn't something I wouldn't necessarily pack and fold away. I personally think its a nice statement piece in the dining area, its stylish and the colours aren't too "in your face" like some highchairs are. I also like the fact the seat can be reclined and is one of the reasons we went for this chair. Miss DL isn't old enough or ready for weaning yet, but I still like her to join us at the table for meals. She can sit in this, but should she fall asleep there is no major rush to move her to somewhere comfier.
This highchair states it is from birth, but I don't think I would put my new born in this. It needs a little more padding or cushioning for a new born in my opinion. I also think the foot rest is a little flimsy. From having older children who tend to kick and play whilst waiting for their food, I could imagine the footrest breaking or possibly coming loose after a little while.
All in all, it is a lovely highchair, a great design with some lovely colours to choose from. It has a sturdy frame and a futuristic look to it. A great buy for the parent who likes style and practicality.


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