Sunday, 16 August 2015

Shouting with your boob out.

I will set the scene; I am trying to put Master D and Master L to bed. To do this requires me to lie with Master L whilst he calms and starts drifting off to sleep. As Miss DL is breastfeeding I took the opportunity to lie her down and feed her too. This was all hunky dory until Master D decided to mess around and after lots of "go to sleep, stop messing, please be quiet" it was time for my stern voice.

So there I am, standing up with one boob out, using my stern voice to tell both boys to go to sleep. All was going well, and Master D was listening to me, that is until Master L declared "MUMMY! You forgot to put your boobie away!!"

Its true, I had one boob in and one boob out. Does the fact that I was stood like this make 'light' of a serious situation? It sure did in this instance. We all ended up giggling like lunatics and poor Miss DL was wondering where her bedtime milk was!



  1. this made me chuckle, kids have a way of making light any situation don't they x

    1. They definitely do! I think sometimes you have to step back and reevaluate the situation. Taking a minute to calm down & maybe lighten the mood means things get done a lot quicker!