Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Thunderstorms and Lightening.

We have been due a big thunderstorm for a while. The air outside has been really close - the kind that gives you a headache - its been hot but neither bright, nor sunny. Its been dark, cloudy and very sweaty! We have been having to sleep with barely any clothes on at night and all windows wide open, something which I've been having to do anyway since breastfeeding as I've found I get SO hot in bed, so this required the windows opening that bit more and a bit less clothing!

That thunderstorm came thick and fast late last week. It didn't just rain, it was like a never emptying bucket was being poured from the skies. Torrential rain. The skies lit up with the lightening and the ground shook with the thunder.

The boys didn't seem to like the noises, but after watching the rain and seeing how pretty the thunder can be, they settled down and soon fell to sleep.

I love nothing more than sitting in a quiet room and just listening to the rain and the thunder. Its so therapeutic, the rumble of the thunder, the heavy pitter patter of the rain. A thunderstorm is the best thing to clear the air, and the mind sometimes too!


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