Sunday, 16 August 2015

An afternoon in Mummys shoes.

Since getting our car (that Master D still insists on telling everyone about 3 weeks later; "look at our new car, we got a new car") I have been taking my Gran shopping every week. This week, I went alone with Miss DL whilst J had the boys. He'd be fine he said.

Approximately 3 hours later, when I return home to pick J and the boys up to nip back out, I see a frazzled looking Daddy, and two boys who are showing major symptoms of being on a wild one.

Is it completely horrid of me to feel internal glee that J had to experience this for a few hours too? Especially when Master L is going through a phase of repeating sentences over and over until you acknowledge what he is saying. This, you may say, is obvious, but when you are talking to someone or eating something, it can be really, really annoying!

They both seemed extremely thrilled to see Mummy, and I, in return gave my boys a huge hug, simply for being them.


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